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Group Classes at Adaptation Athletics

Group Classes

Adaptation offers daily classes throughout the week from 5:30 am to 8:30pm and during various times throughout the weekend. These one-hour, instructor led classes are designed to meet the needs of our diverse community. Our experienced coaches will take you through customized warm-ups and then guide you through the workout with safety and efficiency a top focus. We always offer appropriate scaling options and plenty of encouragement.

Group classes offer a unique, supportive atmosphere. Our goal is to support individuals looking to become healthier and happier at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

Commit to yourself. Get stronger, faster, and fitter.



Our Elements program is a comprehensive introduction to Functional Fitness at Adaptation Athletics. Designed over years of experience and success, its curriculum outlines our firm belief that teaching safe and mechanically sound movements promotes long-term success in fitness and health.

Each class lasts approximately one-hour long. Within that time, specific movements are introduced, practiced, and discussed in detail. Alternatives (or scales) are taught as well, while keeping interest high and students actively motivated. Gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardiovascular components make up the workouts that you’ll complete in each class, using the very material just taught.

Our Elements introduces, welcomes, and challenges all levels of fitness. Upon completion, membership at Adaptation Athletics is available. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it.


Personal Training

Can’t make a class WOD? Want more time drilling the Olympic Lifts? Or simply just want help getting that first pull up? We can completely customize a workout program for you in one or two meetings to lay the groundwork for your own personal program, around your busy schedule. Or we can provide regular personal training every week, 1-4 times per week. These sessions can be one on one, or two or even three on one if you have some friends you’d like to work with.

It all starts with an initial meeting with your coach to discuss what your goals are. Your goals may be weight loss, a new PR, injury recovery, sport specific, hypertrophy, improved cardio vascular endurance, etc. Through regular meetings and email support your coach can help you move forward to meet these goals.

One on One
Single Sessions $85
5 Pack $400
10 Pack $750

Two on One
Single Sessions $75 per person
5 Pack $350 per person
10 Pack $600 per person

For 3 or more, contact us at [email protected]